Settled in – Let the learning begin!

End of Monday

Travelling is a pain in the butt. The first time I was on a jet airliner forty-six years ago it was an adventure. They served us a meal with real metal silverware! Ah well… I am here and safe, And after a good night’s rest, I will be ready to be infused and energized with new astronomical vigor.

The opening ceremony this afternoon was long but very satisfying. I have a new respect for the I.A.U. Though they may have trod upon my favorite little planets Pluto, nine years ago, they remain the guardians of the craft of astronomy on this planet. I was particularly impressed with the frequent emphasis on the need to educate and inspire the next generation. Among the sessions I am most looking forward to attending are the ones concerned with saving the dark sky. I worry for young people who do not know the stars because they have no chance to see them.

I could write a bit more tonight, but the bed is beckoning, and I need to be well rested for the marathon of the next ten days.

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