Day 3 at the I.A.U. – – Education is Central to Astronomy

Wednesday, August 5
At the I.A.U. General Assembly

Just completed my second workshop with the folks from CAE, or the Center for Astronomy Education. They work out of the University of Arizona under the auspices of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I have many new tricks to try in my Astronomy classes this fall. The third of the three sessions from the group will be tomorrow.
As I mentioned earlier, education seems to be a definite priority for the I.A.U., and rightly so. I have been always dedicated to reaching as many students as I can with my personal passion. I know that few, if any of them are likely to become professional astronomers, but that is not the point. I think an appreciation for the universe is one key part of being a good citizen, certainly in my home in the United States.
Having lunch right now. In a few minutes, I will be attending the talk on cosmology and dark energy.
Dark energy! Sounds like something George Lucas came up with!

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