Weekend Rest and Catch Up

Sunday, August 9, 2015
Catching up and resting

It was good to have a couple of days with no sessions this weekend. I was able to rest, get over a cold, and catch up with some notes. Yesterday, I arose bright and early to get to the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor before the crowds. The one hour plus bus ride to get there was well worth it. Every American must know of ‘The Day that will live in infamy’. Being there, above the decks of the Arizona was a very sobering experience. The day was sunny and calm, much like that day must have been when it began. The trip to the memorial and entrance to the Park Service visitors center was free. The crowd of 150 other tat took the ferry over with me were appropriately respectful. If it should be that you find yourself on Oahu, by all means, make the trip.
Last Thursday and Friday at the I.A.U., I devoted the days to the Division C, Education Division, sessions. I learned of a project called astroEDU, which is a peer review of astronomy teaching materials. There is an awful lot of astronomy activities on the web with a wide range of usefulness, not to mention validity. Although the effort is still in its infancy, it seems like a good start to ensure that all teachers of astronomy at all levels have materials that have been properly vetted.
Most importantly, I think, I have made contact with other astronomy educators. I hope to develop and grow my relationship with my fellow astronomy wizards. That, after all, was the prime reason for my attendance at the General Assembly.
I look forward in the week ahead to some sessions about light pollution and how to deal with it with support from local communities.

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